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Intervening to Help a Patient Manage Hepatitis C Treatment

Dr. Corry Chapman, a long-time Neighborhood Health family medicine doctor, had a new patient—an uninsured middle- aged woman who had contracted Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion. She came to us with multiple chronic conditions, but Dr. Chapman knew that if her Hepatitis C could be treated properly, it could be cured and would have a huge impact on her overall health. Per protocol, the patient was to be referred to the University of Virginia (UVA) Hospital in Charlottesville for treatment, which would include trips to UVA for regular lab draws and careful monitoring of symptoms and side effects. However, because of her life circumstances, she was unable to travel.

Dr. Chapman established a collaboration with the UVA providers so that he could treat the patient at our clinic. The first medicine the UVA doctors prescribed was very expensive and unavailable at a reduced cost. Dr. Chapman and our Medication Assistance Program Director Dany Hernandez found an alternate medication that normally costs $1,000 per pill, which we could offer at no cost to the patient. After twelve weeks of treatment and close monitoring at our clinic by Dr. Chapman, with guidance from UVA experts, our patient is Hepatitis C free. She appreciates the teamwork and resourcefulness that has resulted in a complete cure from her illness, a result otherwise unattainable to her.