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Pew Stateline: As COVID-19 Vaccine Demand Dips, Community Health Centers Take the Lead

May 26, 2021

Thank you to Christine Vestal, a staff writer for Pew Stateline, for her coverage of Neighborhood Health’s Vaccine Outreach Team and the work that we and other community health centers are doing around the country to increase access to Covid-19 vaccine.

Rob Wohl, a COVID-19 vaccine outreach worker in Northern Virginia, said his best day on the job was when he walked into a white-tablecloth Chinese restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia, in April to see whether he could sign up employees for vaccinations.

He arrived right before the lunch rush, which turned out to be perfect timing. “The manager gets very excited,” Wohl said. “She says, ‘Wait right here.’ She immediately goes and starts grabbing people out of the kitchen—Chinese and Latino workers. Then she calls everyone who was off duty that day and tells them to come in. Suddenly a busboy is interpreting for Spanish speakers, and he says, ‘These guys don’t drive, I’ll bring them over in my van.’”

In less than an hour, Wohl said, 35 at-risk frontline workers were rolling up their sleeves at nearby community health center Neighborhood Health, for a COVID-19 shot they said they’d wanted but didn’t know how to get.

.Click here for full story: https://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/blogs/stateline/2021/05/06/as-covid-19-vaccine-demand-dips-community-health-centers-take-the-lead?fbclid=IwAR2sszHivKEX9xmCuPGYPjriMs1nSNeBwhRpf8qy_tFzUIsjcnIOInr0XKE